Monday, April 13, 2015

What would we do if our weekends weren't so busy? Softball, soccer, camping and the Fox all in one weekend. Actually, two softball games.

 Well, we missed softball practice on Friday, dad's fault, so daughter and I headed down to the cabin to spend the night.
Dusk was still bright enough to jump on the trampoline for a little while.
 Kung fu moves?
Why sleep in a perfectly good cabin when the trampoline works just as well.

Got down to about 42 degrees, but the stars were crazy!
Bright moon woke us up.
Next morning.
 43 degrees and all covered up.

Best way to get warmed up is to jump on your bed. . . er. . .  trampoline in the morning.

 Sat. afternoon down to the Fox to watch 'Stomp!'.

A very fun show.
We had two softball games this weekend.
One Sat. evening.
And another after soccer on Sunday.
These photos are from the Sunday game.

Third base. "Hi Dad!"
 A chance to play catcher.
 "How am I suppose to see to catch the ball in this?"
A natural.
Getting ready to score her first ever run!

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