Monday, May 4, 2015

Once again, another busy weekend.

 Another busy weekend.

We had our last soccer game of the season Friday night.

We then had to try and make a softball practice straight after.

We made most of it.

Saturday started with early swim lessons. Then we headed to Ft.Zumwalt City park for the dedication of the recontructed Ft. Zumwalt Cabin. They did the dedication on O'Fallon's Founders Day.
They had the cabins open so we could see inside.
Although not completly done yet (could not go upstairs) people could start getting the idea.

 They also had booths and crafts and show.

Here an 'old time' medicine show.
It was a lot of fun; song, magic and jokes.
 Good crowd for the event.
 Of course daughter likes to try anything new.

Here watching a lady comb and card wool.

She also showed everyone how to spin it and had varies other different fibers to compare.
Even Golden Retriever.

 Also got hands on with the basket lady.

 On her own.
 May favorite was the old 1908 chuck wagon.
 Kitchen work area.
 Made in Chicago, sold in Missouri.

Smithy on hand.

 We then had a late afternoon softball game.

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