Monday, May 4, 2015

President promises free e-books to low-icome kids.

"President Obama joined students at Anacostia Neighborhood  Library in Southeast Washington, D.C. yesterday to announce a plan to give low-income children access to 10,000 e-books. As a part of Discovery Education’s “Of the People" webinar series, students asked the President questions about his favorite books, how books have influenced his life, and the importance of technology in classrooms and libraries."

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of kids being able to read. But what is the point of having low-income kids having access to free e-books when they probably can't afford the thing they need to read them on?

And don't all kids in this country already have access to free books between their school libraries and public libraries?

I am all for school having access to high-speed internet. Kids are going to need to know how to use that as they grow up.

My daughter does not read many books in e-book form, we don't want her using the screen time that much. She does however read lots of books in real book form. Most kids in her school, and we are not low-income, do not have their own e-book readers. 

Wouldn't a library card be easier and cheaper?

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