Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Butt on a small wall.

 This past weekend our local Girl Scout Council held a fun event which included games, learning opportunities and a climbing wall.

Our daughter has always loved climbing walls.
And she did this one at least twelve times, trying each of the three climbs.

I think it may be her sport

Well, there comes a time in every child/parent relationship where at some point child (daughter) is going to go, "Oh, yea! You seem to know a lot about this dad, why don't you show me how easy it is!"

Trying to avoid that as long as possible, I though I better step up before the challenge was issued.

Well, I have not hauled (or had hauled) my body up a wall or been suspended by a rope for a very long time (30 plus years!). That is actually longer than the two dudes who managed the wall were old.
But I though it was now or wait till I get even older and she puts me on the spot.
So at it I went. After the first few feet I found my stride and old skills came back, and I know enough not to just count on strength alone and work with my skills of balance and finesse (two things I have loads of). At the top of the climb is a bell to ring, and in front of my daughter I got to ring the bell. I know, this photo could just be a trick. Maybe I just got a couple of feet off of the ground. But she videoed the whole thing except, luckily, my decent. I had never used one of those self belay devices before, and well, let's just say my landing needs a little work and that no one was hurt.


  1. Yep, it's kind of true! Hehehe!

  2. Which part, the big butt? Or the small wall? ;)