Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The summer keeps rolling along. . . .

 Meet number three. . . 'chillin' 'tween' races.
 Rainy Wednesday to the Art Museum.
 Daughters class had spent a lot of time this past school year studying Native Americans so she found that display fascinating.
 Young artist at work studying the masters.
 Just have to get the perspective just right.
Daughters favorite, Norman Rockwell.

I love her!
 They even had crafts.
 Studying Monet.
 Wife, "Okay, in this period of paintings, if you notice, many of works will flow in some sort of figure eight."
 Daughter, "Nope, just not seein' it."

(Okay, okay, I made that up.)
 Posing partners, a Degas and a Daughter.
 No lion, no witch, just the wardrobe.
Out front.
 Namesake of St. Louis.
 Back in town, daughters first red tomatoes of the season. Just a few days after July 4th.
 Another day, a farmers market.
 Saturday, pool party with friends.
Sunday, the last softball game of the season.
 Yesterday, meet number four, 'chillin' 'tween' races.

I call this one, 'Sunset at Swim Meet'. We finished at eleven p.m.


  1. Nice post. I enjoyed it very much - kind of rolled along in a relaxing way...good start to the day.

    1. Thank you, and I love A Bit About Britain