Friday, July 3, 2015

Family Stuff. . .

 When ever we go up to my wife's families farm I always like getting Grandpa and Grandma talking about their time growing up.
Grandpa came from a small, now gone, town called Cherrybox just a little northwest of Hannibal Mo.

Very little remains other the the town sign. . .
 . . . and an old church.
 While driving back from Cherrybox we drove through another little town called Leonard.
While driving past this old building Grandma said she use to play basketball upstairs for her school team.
Grandpa said he had. . " been to a dance there once."
Grandma said she . . . "didn't remember that."
Grandpa said, well,. . . "I didn't go with you."
 The front view.
Would love to see inside.
Look at the stone foundation and all the corners and porches.
Although it has an abandoned look, I love the fact that you can plainly see an A/C unit and a satellite dish.

 East view.
 From there we drove to the small historic town of Bethel.
Well worth another visit when I can walk around town.

 The old school house in Bethel Mo.
 Back at the farm the black raspberries were ready for pickin'.
 Wife and her mother near the back door of grandma's house.
Raspberry patch is bottom center.
 Daughter also had her first swim meet a couple of weeks ago.

Here getting her game face on.
Her third meet had a couple of rain delays.

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