Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Milestone - post number 1000!

It all started on May 9th, 2008 with this; Welcome to my blog. This is a first for me, since I don't usually like these sort of things.

The first image I posted was two post later and a small illustration I did for a kayak publication;

I don't know what I really had planned for this.
I think I was hoping it would be a good platform to encourage me to do more art work.
In that sense it has work.

I started at the very beginning posting some of my cartoons for a Sherlock Holmes group I belonged. Then in May of 2009 I started an ambitious project of trying to do a tree a day for a year to improve my tree drawings.

The announcement came in this form.

It was a small tree I did in Microsoft Paint just to get going.

I guess the plan worked in many ways. Although It got spread over more than a year my trees got better and I ended up doing over 370 drawings that I ended up calling 'QS' for quick sketch.

I think, besides an avenue for my art I wanted to have the blog be somewhere I could post things I found interesting, whether it be a personal matter like family events or other artist or topics I found interesting.
My most prolific year had 207 posts, me least 105.
But the amount posted here also changed when I started two other blogs on subjects I found interesting that meant I did not post as often here.

My daughter probably got more post here than any other topic. It was a good space to catalog our 'expeditions'.
Although the blog would be in existence for almost a year before I would start posting her here.

One of the first would be her having her first high tea in London 2010

She's a little bigger now.

Social media like 'facebook' has really changed the world of blogging I would imagine.
But even though I was unsure how I would like it in the beginning I ended up loving the format.

Some times my other blogs take time away from this one, but I do try to make an appearence here at least a few times a month.

So I hope it has been as much fun for you, both my readers, as it has been for me.

See ya next time I have something to say.

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