Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sepia Saturday 350 - Windows unknown

This is the photo that suggests this weeks Sepia Saturday theme. And as usual we can take from it what we chose.
The photo is a fix of the photo on the left with a close up of a window on the right. One photo made into two. made into one, as it were.

We will never know why the young man is standing on the window sill.
Hope it was for good reason.

While I have been off with eye surgery (which is going great!) I have started sorting old family photos so that I can scan and save them all and make disc copies for all the family.

As you can see it will be a timely process.

As with all ventures of this nature we are left with some unanswered questions about some of the photos.

The pile below the key board is my pile so far of unknown family photos.

Mom, in her 90's was able to remember most, but we are still left with a few we do not know.

 I have chosen these two to go along with this weeks theme which I have decided (for myself of course) to call 'Windows unknown'

Both of these were probably taken in Selby, Yorkshire in the mid fifties.
Some sort of celebration or parade.

The only reason I would suggest Selby is because it was a ship yard town and in the lower photo one of the businesses is a Ships Chandler.

My Grandfather and an Uncle both worked at the ship yard, 'Cochran and Sons'.

I don't know if any relatives are in either photo.
None the less, it is fun to have these in the collection.


  1. Love the girls pipe band. They might have broke a few windows too!

  2. An impressive collection .I wonder if they are from an Easter Parade?

  3. Especially the girl pipers. What fun! Perhaps one day you'll know who and what that was all about? You never know . . .

  4. The top photo looks as if people are waiting in line to do something, or go somewhere. Maybe purchase tickets, or go into a show. I love guessing these things. Love the lassie pipers!

  5. What a variety of people in that first picture!! You do have some work ahead of you
    with all that scanning. Be prepared to be constantly distracted by the stories you
    either imagine or know and recall about every image.

  6. A labour of love - good luck! And I hope the eye mends well. Could the pipe band be the Dagenham Girl Pipers? - I think they toured in the 1960s; if so, you may be a able to pin down the date. I don't believe Easter Parades are that common in the UK.