Monday, January 17, 2011

Another snowy day 1/15/11 and a new friend on Sunday.

Got out to the cabin again today,

but only for a little while.
One of those days when waiting for utility workers and running other chores
takes up the whole day and it just doesn't go the way you planned.
I did however get a nice drive in the country between stops and passed
a nice log building. I don't usually like when a log building has
been put on a concret foundation, but they did a nice preservation here.

This log building was on a century farm.

These are up near Troy Missouri.
Century Farms are farms recognized by the state as farms that have
 been in the same family for over hundred years.
We are lucky to have a few in this area.

Also passed an old church along the drive.

Time did not allow for my beer on Sat. afternoon, so the new
 life list beer had to wait till football game time on Sunday.
A Ruby Ale by the name of Red MacGREGOR.

He (it) came in a handsome bottle and is pretty good. Rather full bodied for an ale, but good.
I enjoyed this beer, but kept waiting for it to get as good as Old Jock from last week, but it never quite
made it. Supposedly hand crafted in small batches.
It comes from Orkney Brewery in Quoyloo.
I would not pass it up if offered, but would not, unlike Old Jock, hunt it down.

Please let me know if you grow bored with my subject matter.
Pictures were taken with a new camera I got for Christmas

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