Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20 Aug 1st 2010 London Family Day.

We thought we had plenty of time when we left Babsi’s
this morning to make our visit with family at our appointed time.
For the most part we found the train and tube service
pretty good throughout our trip.
Except for twice, both today.
We first were unsure of what train to get on in the morning
because we did not understand our tickets completely, and when we
asked for help we got one of the few rude people we had to deal with,
so we missed our first train, as did lots of other people.
When we did finally get another train, (now we were running late) and were
arriving at our destination, the doors would not open on our car and let us out.
So now we had to make a call to the relatives that were going to
pick us up and find out if we should get off at the next stop and come back,
or if they could pick us up at the next stop. They chose to pick us up at the next stop.
Although now running an hour or so late in our visit we had a great afternoon visiting with my cousins and their families. I had not seen several of them for a long time, and
even met a distant cousin, or second cousin or something, whom I had never met.

Emelaine had some new friends to play with.

My cousins and my daughter.

New addition to my known family circle in London, Chuck, and I
lining up to take the below perfect picture.

We had BBQ (which I like to think the Foster’s introduced to England when we had visiting cousins in America) and John Denver music and a real good visit.

Thankfully our train ride back to Babsi’s was uneventful.

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