Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold, firewood and my New best Friend

Went out to the cabin yesterday. . .

. . . for some John time and to
get some firewood cut for home and the cabin.

I have not split firewood now for almost fifteen years.
I use to do a lot of axe work between heating one of the homes
I once lived in with wood and all the log work I did over the years, I was
pretty handy with an axe. At one time I was able to hew two sides of a log
for a cabin in about an hour.
But I really have not used an axe for awhile.
Non-the-less, with sixteen acres of good oak, I could not stand the idea of buying
firewood for home or cabin.

So out I went yesterday morning.
After a good breakfast at Waffle House of biscuits and gravy I arrived at the cabin
to a chilly 14 degrees F.
Inside the cabin was a balmy 20 degrees F.
It was so cold (how cold was it?) that if the outhouse. . .

. . . had a stainless steel seat, you wouldn't be getting off it till spring.
So, first order of business was to build a nice fire and hope the
cabin would warm up to about 50 degrees F by the time I went home.

I gathered my tools from the barn. . .

. . . and got to work. As has been said many times before, by greater axe men
than myself, wood heat is the fuel that warms you up several times, especially if you cut your
own.  First time is when you cut down the tree, next when cutting it up, again when
you split it, once more when you stack it, and finally when you burn it.

I have always worked best when I work for a while, take a break, work for a while
and take another break ( do ya see the pattern?). And repeat this formula till the task
is finished. It has worked for me for many years. And when I am performing this routine
out at the cabin my breaks are usually taken up with a good book.
I worked like this till I had enough wood cut for a couple evening out at the cabin
and had filled the back of my little Ford Escape.

Everything loaded, stacked and tools put away in the barn once again. . .

. . . . I was due to take my last break. I usually allow myself
 the pleasure of a good beer or glass of wine on last repose.
Today I had Old Jock join me. . .

. . . and he soon became my new best friend.
The women should like Old Jock, he is full bodied and
smooth and slightly dark.
One of the best bottled Scottish Ales I have had the pleasure of drinking.
Once again, it comes as a full UK pint and in this rustic setting it was the perfect beer. I would, and will, go out of my way to try this one again, and would be equally happy if my local (which we have no such thing as over here) were to carry it.
Old Jock can travel with me anytime.

Although very cold all day, it was a wonderful day out at the cabin.

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