Saturday, December 24, 2011

The week before Christmas and all through the land. . . .

Friday night.

The week or so before Christmas is always the most fun, once you get a chance to stop and breath.

Bass Pro in our area has a great Santa on duty, or I should say, Santa on duty.

 Once again we got to Main St. to collect the cards we missed the first time.
 Daughter got to ring the bells for the carolers.
And did a lot better than rhythm-less dad would have done.
Daughter and friends with the Christmas Angel.
All the shops had their best on display.
 Sat. found us heading to the country for extended family Christmas at the farm.
The feeding line.
 Weather was nice enough for some outside play time.

Cousin powered merry-go-round.
 Girl powered.
 Grandpa powered.
 Uncle powered.
 Gift time from Great Grandma.
 Out to the farm.
 The cows sure have strange markings.
 Oh, wait, . . . shadows.
 Wife and cat.
 Catch up time with cousins.
 Daughter finally got to hold her favorite.

 Sunday evening, cookie decorating time.
The three hard at work.
 The family tree.
 Favorite ornaments.
 The finished product. Yum!
Testing the Christmas morning PJ's.

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