Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy, nice weekend. . . .

Well, Batgirl and family were kept busy again this past weekend.
The good kind of busy.
Saturday morning started with doctors visits for dad, then I met family at one of our favorite morning eating places and daughter got in her second photo opp. for the weekend.
Main St. Diner, St Peters.
Always busy with locals.
Morning cheers with a cup-o-Joe and milk.
I was dismissed for the day to head out to the country.
And got to do one my favorite country drives.
Several miles along a gravel road surrounded by old farms and fields . . .
and a small creek that has water in it most of the year. This view could be out west somewhere.
There are about a half a dozen creek crossings on the drive. . . .
 . . . this one having a really nice swimming hole next to it.
Unfortunately on private property.
Beautiful blue sky reflection.
I didn't have the blue sky all day.
Some wonderful old barns along the drive.
The barn reds were fantastic in the bright light.
And just across the road. . . .
On the same piece of land, this wonderful old log building.
Ya don't get to go down to many country roads like this anymore. You can see the old farm house in the back ground. Probably pre-civil war.

The view from just past the barns.

Just down the road is another beautiful set of barns, not in as good a shape, but still impressive.
The big barn, probably used for live stock or horses.
The center wide enough so you could probably drive a wagon right down the middle, with a hay loft above.
The second barn with a classic shape.
Again, the worn reds.
The side of the main barn is in need of some work, however, the property is for sale, so who knows what will happen to it.

A small log barn sets just inside the woods. Probably used for chickens or pigs at one time.
 A side view of the second barn.
 Expanded side view.
This is the main house for the first  barns mentioned on this page. Look at the wonderful shape and porch.
This stone cold cellar set into the hill side.
All the building are in great shape.
Another old barn on the drive out.
And one with two well taken care of small log buildings. ( I think I have posted these before.)
 I did also get by our cabin late in the afternoon.
Didn't get any work done, but did get to walk around our 100 acre (read 16) woods.
Not much green this time of year, except in small patches of moss. . .
 . . . and ferns. . .
 . . . and some large patches of moss on big rocks.

There were a few mushrooms holding out in the cold weather.
Amongst the woods are some logs that I had hewn for the cabin, but never used.
The woodpeckers are making good use of them now.
 Yummy bug lunch counter for the woodpeckers.
 This one looks like a woodland high rise for mice or something.
As is required after a hard day in woods, I got to add to my life list of beers.
The label describes it pretty well I think. I will certainly look for this one again.
Sunday morning brought rain and church and daughter sharing her umbrella with a friend.
Sunday evening was the children's Christmas program at church. With daughter making up one of the many angels.
This one puts me in mind of the old movie; 'Where Angels go. . .'
You know which one I mean.
 Here with her angel face on.
Sunday afternoon we visited dad for the one year anniversary of his death.
We miss ya pop.

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