Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy four days. . . .

Busy four days of course started with Halloween.

Here is daughter with mom-made Sleeping Beauty dress.
Rain let up enough to show it off.
Plus the rain made for less kids out, more candy in (the bag).

 I really didn't care what the reason was. . .
. . . when daughter asked if she could have a rake.
 She got most of the front yard raked before.. . .
. .  she let her reason be known.

You don't realize when one year you rake up the leaves you may be off the hook for a few years when they figure out they can do it themselves.

Go, jump my child. Have fun.

 And Sat. a.m. was daughters seventh birthday celebration!
 This year wife planned it at the historical carousel at Faust Park, St Louis Cnty.
 Built in the 1920's and used for many years.

Moved and taken care of and now indoors.
 Three musketeer cousins!
 Much of the gang.
Best friends.

 Not being satisfied with a quiet evening after the birthday party, we then headed out to an annual kayak event. Local boater, barn builder, planner supreme, holds an outdoor kayak film festival every year. Mostly local stuff, but some national films also.
Major social event of the season.
The barn is big, real big.
You can see one of the four TV screens mounted at the end of the covered overhangs. What, that's like 12 ft. of screen.
This one was so you could watch while eating.
 Cafeteria doors open on a bar. Most barns have bars, right? Stove, oven, microwave, . .  tappers.
Two inside. Cabinets for glasses.
Second of two TV's (number three is mounted inside the bar for the bartender.)
 Same view, a little further back.
 Inside view of the barn area. Small screen number three. Sort of the command center screen.

Fourth screen is in the barn, and is probably 18ft.
The best viewing and out of the cold.
Pool table. Ovens set up just for home-made pizza's. Made to request.
Access to bathroom and climbing wall also in the barn.
Now, this is a usable barn by all barn standards, and then some.
Men go, "I want one of these." Wives go, "Don't even think about it!"
 Wife building the fire.
 Trampoline for kids.
Even time to explore bugs.

 Sunday, after church and some chores, I got out to the cabin for a little while..

Sulfur shelf is still growing, despite cold weather.

I played with the panorama setting on my camera and got the next photos.

You can kinda get a feeling for the whole set up this way.

A busy great four days.

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