Friday, November 22, 2013

Our own Downton Abbey

While going through old photos with mom, I have discovered some I have never seen.
Aunts and uncles I had only heard about, but never pictured.
Pictures of dad as a young man.

Luckily mom is good with most of the names, so we have been able to identify most.

We came across this one while sorting.

It is me 'mums' mother.
Probably very early 1900's, before 1915. (She was married and back in Yorkshire by 1915)

This is probably Ireland. She worked in Ireland as a domestic when she met her husband. He was a blacksmith, probably in some shipyard because that is what he did back home. (But I don't know that, yet, for sure.)

Maybe we do have a castle in our heritage, but I bet I only would have had access to the stables.

Please forgive me if I use this one again if the appropriate theme comes up on another Sepia Sat.

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