Monday, June 29, 2015

As both of you know who follow this blog. . .

. .  I am always trying to do research on my family history, with a particular interest in my families experience in WW2.

In the past I have shown here stuff I have found out about my dad and a couple of uncle's.

My dad served in the RAF during the war, and what I know so far can be found here.

One of his first stops during his time in service was at the 
 Brighton Hydro, South Shore in Blackpool.
I take it that it was a hotel of some kind.
I have found nothing about his stay there, or where they may have sent him next in Blackpool, but I did find this interesting write up from a C. Morgan about his time there and though it may have been similar to my dads. His book  can be found here.


"We arrived at Blackpool and were met by RAF police who took us to an RAF unit office by lorry. We were kitted out with uniforms and other equipment including a 'Housewife' each and ten shillings pay. We were next taken to `Brighton Hydro' to receive instructions about billeting. I was taken to Crystal Road, South Shore and billeted with a Mrs MacMartin, who had two daughters, one was twenty and the other eighteen years of age. They were not interested in us `Erks', they were going out with Polish Airforce Officers. The following day we were taken to the Tower ballroom where we received our first RAF pay of ten shillings. The next day we were walked to a church hall for inoculations. I was advised not to look at the needle going into my arm, so after seeing a brawny lad in front of me who had been staring at the needle, faint right away, I looked at pictures on the wall and did alright. . . . . . ."

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