Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day four, London to Wales 7/15/10

We only had the morning to do anything before needing to head for the train station.
Barbara had told us about a toy shop that never seemed open, but she was sure that it did.
So, on our way to find a post office we decided to check it out.
The shop was only about a half mile walk from where we were staying so we found it with no problems.
There were lots of toys, old toys, when you looked in the window.
All covered with a good layer of dust. And wire covering the windows.
Surely they were not in business any longer?

We asked at the convenience store next door and the man behind the counter assured us that they usually opened right at eleven. So, we did our business at the post office and came back and waited.
Five after eleven a little car pulled up in front of the store and a man and women got out. The man apologized for being late and led the way in.
Robin and I both commented latter that we felt like we had fallen down Alice's rabbit hole when we first walked in the door.
The man, of Indian or somewhere near there heritage, had a very proper English accent.
Very nice but a little strange. The woman, also very nice. . .
. . . kinda, and no disrespect intended, looked like a cross between a witch and a hippie.
The man refused to have his picture taken, stating that he was, after all, "very shy".
The shop specialised in miniatures, but had a few other toys and games.
I could see Johnny Depp playing the man in a movie by Tim Burton.
We did buy a couple little toys, but were glad to come back out through the looking glass.
We headed back to Barbara's to then make our why to the train station.
We left London around 1pm, and after an easy train ride arrived in Chirk, Wales around 4pm.

It was a tiny station, and we had to go up some steps, over a bridge to then make our way towards town. When we got to the top of the bridge we found a gentleman who directed us to a cab, the cabbie taking an
instant liking to our little one, giving her candy and coins each time we used his services.
We would spend the night in Chirk before catching our boat the next day.
So once we settled in we found a pub to eat at and it had a great playground and was right on the canal we would soon be traveling on.
While daughter played, we adults had beer, cider and talked and waited for food. Steak and Ale pie. Yum!.

After dinner we walked along the canal and found some great berry patches.

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