Monday, August 16, 2010

England July 19th - Day seven

We woke day seven with no hang overs, . . . well except maybe from ice cream.
This morning we only had to get as far as Ellesmere where we were to meet John and Diane.
It would only be a couple hours of boating to make it.
We arrived in Ellesmere around 12:30, and once we berthed the boat, we met up with John and Diane.
Once we got there gear stowed and they had a chance to look around the boat, . . .

. . . we all headed into town for laundry, lunch and groceries.
We first got our laundry going. . .

 then headed to the Red Lion for lunch.

I liked the atmosphere, the food and the beer at the Red Lion.
The building and the interior were very old world. We chose to eat outside in the back court.
Cheers. . .

After lunch, on the way back to the laundry we stopped at one of the many bakeries . .

 . . and one of the meat markets.

With bread and meat in hand, two of us headed back to finish up the clothes, while John, Diane and Barbara went to Tesco's for food for a couple of days.
Tesco is a large chain food store, still not as large as most we find over in America, but for England, pretty large.
One thing that makes Tesco popular with canal boaters is that they deliver to where ever you park your boat for a night or so, and you can make all the arrangements on-line. It must be pretty popular cause it is built right down near the marina.
Ellesmere is a pretty large town, with a big main street with lots of shops. Some touristy and some not.

After taking care of all our business in town we got under way.
Within a short distance both Diane and John took a turn at the helm.
We passed White Mere and Cole Mere, mere meaning lake.
Went through the 87 meter Ellesmere tunnel.
We didn't plan on going real far, getting a late start and all, but we pushed on to bridge number 48 and called it a night.
Before we got to our night spot, Robin, Barbara, Diane and John tried to locate another pub to add to our list, one recommended in the guide book.

But after a fairly long hike found that it had recently closed.

Dinner this night was on the boat.

You would think just sitting around on a narrow boat going 2-3 miles an hour would get pretty boring, but you would be wrong.
When ever you get a bunch of kayakers together you know they are going to find some thing a little more energetic to do.
Not only did we do a lot of walking, some of us even tried the new extreme sport of . . .well. . .
Canal Boat Surfing. ..

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