Monday, March 5, 2012

Feb. expedition, again or still . . . .

 Wow! A couple busy days.
Of course Feb. is Valentine's month, and grandma makes the best pies.
So we got to celebrate Valentine's Day and. . .
 . . .grandpa's birthday all at the same time.
 Then we got to try on our new tartan dress that we will proudly wear for Tartan Days in April.
Then on the 18th we started our expedition at
Elephant Rocks State Park.
We forgot a warm enough coat, so we made due with dad's fleece.
 Big rocks.
 Good view.
 Best tire swing ever!
 We then hit a couple antique shops in Caledonia, Mo.
 Come on in!
Beautiful old general store turned antique/coffee/goodies store.
The hot coffee and sweets were a treat.
 I remember this one being restored, and it had promise. Although the log work is well done, it is getting a run-down trailer park feel.
 This one, however, is wonderful.
The original part of the red structure was built in the early 1800's. The log building on the side was added a few years ago and goes well with the main building.
 On the same property was this old general store moved here from Quaker Mo.
 We then visited our second covered bridge, Sandy Creek, in Jefferson County.
It is now a state historical site and is well maintained.
 Always time to play in the creek.

 On Sunday we hit Our Lady of the Rivers (which is looking a little run down because of recent high water).
 Then the migratory bird sanctuary near Alton.
This will be a lot of fun closer to spring when the birds start flying north again.
Staff was very helpful.

Another great couple of days.

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