Monday, March 26, 2012

Good weekend

 Fun weekend.
Got nephew down to the river for
the first time in about 15 years. He looked almost as good in his boat as he did on the rocks.
 JohnnieBling surfing up a storm at double-drop.
 The old-timers still make it look easy.
 Old timer, another pose.
 Good to see a lot of newer boaters on the river.
 Mr.Bling giving it another go.
One of my favorite times, beer and the gang at the end of a good day on the river.
 Got out to the cabin on Sunday.
Flowers all over the place.
Although the dog-woods are out in the city and further south, they are not out yet at the cabin.

 The colors and patterns in the water.

 Water gliders out.
Finally got to photograph a couple beers I enjoyed a few months back.
Both I will look for again, and would not refuse if offered.
The large of the two is a fairly local brew.
The bluebird, an import.

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