Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wow! What a great vacation.

 After a couple of days driving, and only having to avoid tumbleweed stampedes, we made it to Colo. on Sat. the 25th.
Drive was good and all went well.
Sat. we stocked up on groceries and settled in.
Sunday, bright and warm.
Wife headed to slopes. . .
. . . while daughter and dad headed to the bunny hill and the magic carpet.
But first we practiced sitting on a lift chair.
We spent a good hour or so warming daughter up to skiing by going up and down the bunny hill over and over to get her sea (ski) legs back.
When the magic carpet wasn't running, dad would pull or push her up.

Please, no paparazzi.

Monday we headed over to Salida.
Warmer and not much snow. Beautiful.
Here is the Ark. river, which I had kayaked last July.
 We made new artist friends.
(I will post his work here soon and give you more details.)
 This is Michael (often posted artist on this blog) having lunch with us.
We stayed with him and his wife, and they helped us explore more of the area.
 After lunch we headed to the some-what ghost town of St. Elmo.
 I have to find all the Post Office's I can.

 And of course, plenty of log cabins to see in Colo.
This one in St. Elmo.
 Exploring the old school with a little help from a friend.
 Neat wrap around the wood burning stove.
Probably helped spread out the heat a little more while protecting people from the hot stove.
 What ya looking at?

The old school.
 How much snow did they have?

An old truck at a B&B we may explore next year.
 And of course, hot springs.

Although it took daughter a while to get in, she enjoyed it once we did.
Her thoughts; "You want me to sit in a river in the middle of the winter!"
Six or eight deer crossed the river just below us. None had towels.

 I got to explore Michael's studio and recent works.

Daughter got to play with Chuck-e-boy.

She also helped make breakfast,. . . right Mike?

Colby all excited.

More time with the cat.

 Tuesday morning, a little snow and cloudy.

 Explore Salida a little more before heading back over the pass.

One more day on the bunny hill and one day of lessons. . .

 . . . and a little playing.

(Our little snow angel.)

While daughter took lessons, mom and dad got on the hills.

Mom coming down.

Next day, waiting for the bus.
New snow, and cold wait.

 May as well relax while we wait.

All excited about her first lift ride onto the big hills.

Yea! First time down the slopes!
I think only one or two falls all the way down.
Mom and dad were so proud.

 We ended up doing six runs her first day.

Including the Haunted Forest.

She could actually go faster through there than dad.

Sixth trip, still excited.

Next day, colder and windy.
Here keeping nose warm.

Here keeping nose warm on the lift.

Still keeping nose warm.

 Keeping nose warm, still.
Colder, we only did two runs on this day, but daughter did great.

Happy and content on the way home.

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