Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I've fallen in love again, . .. and I call her Babycakes. ..

. . . and it is my nephew's fault.

It's not what you think. It's more. . . material than that.
Yes, that's her, in pink.
And she (it) is actually my daughters.
But I've fallen in love non-the-less.

It's a new cupcake maker our daughter got for Christmas.
We have yet to make a cupcake in it.
So far we have made muffins and dinner thingies, with mushrooms and something sounding like epinada's??? Something south of the border I believe.

But last night, while unsupervised by an out-to-a-meeting wife, daughter and I experimented.

If you have followed this blog for more than a couple of months you will know that I love anything with meat inside a pie crust, my favorite of course are Steak and Ale pies and Meat and Potato Pies. The latter being a comfort food from my youth.
Well, last night we tried to make mini-Meat and Potato pies.
(Fireworks in the background) And it proved quite the success.
We even made our own crust.

The inside stayed nice and hot, and with gravy and peas I was in culinary heaven.

Next up, mini-chicken pot pies and mini-Shepherd's pies.

Of yea! We made mini-peach pies for dessert.


  1. Oh I want one, I want one. I wonder if you could make a Yorkshire pudding in one?

  2. I promise, it is in the plans to attempt. Next time we have a roast.