Monday, January 7, 2013

Closing out 2012 . . . .

 Although my favorite months, Nov. and Dec. they are two of the busiest for our family, and probably most others also.
But it is usually all good stuff.

As has become tradition, Thanksgiving is with wife's family and lately held up at the farm, with dinner being at the country club hall. Plenty of room.
Lots of good places to walk.. . .
 . . . and to play with cousins.

 Can never have to many olives with Grandpa.

And feast with cousins.
 After Thanksgiving there was time before Christmas to have indoor play time with new best friend and do some cooking.
 All decked out, ready to cook.
 "Oh, those look good."

Daughter spent all day, with one short break for a soccer game, working on a 700 piece (OK, 693), two instruction book Lego's kit, and did it all by herself.

I know I don't have that kind of attention span.

The real king of the house.

 Christmas was held in Shelbina, and great grandma made sure we had a festive cake to celebrate with.
 With Great Grandpa Henry.
 Making decorations with cousins.
 Even a little tree with presents for the kids.
 More cousins and still nice enough to be outside for a while before dinner.

 Time to eat.
 Great Grandma handing out presents.and getting to open hers.

Just before Christmas, pizza making party with the girl scout troop.

Funnest part, getting to eat what you make.
Christmas morning!!

'Honestly mom and dad, I did not sneak down and see this giant present for me that had a red ribbon and a moving elevator.'

It is always great getting presents that are taller than you.
Even out of the box.

The present hot seat.

A Christmas day visit to the ones we miss.

 Then over to grandma's for dinner and dessert. . .
 . . . and another pretty tree. . .

 . . . and more presents.
 Two days after Christmas we did the Magic House with the now traditional after visit stop to see how pizzas are made, , ,

 and enjoyed at 'Dewey's'

After pizza we explored a new park. . .
That had two log cabins.
Conway Park, St Louis County.

What is interesting and rare about this one is the logged gable ends. This usually indicates that the cabin is real old and has probably never been moved before.
When logs were easy to come by, but milled lumber was not, log gables were the standard.
Once better roofing supplies and milled lumber came along or in more populated areas, framed gables became common.

Of course, they had a good playground also.

This brought an end to a great year.

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