Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New adventures for the New Year

 As if I am not happy enough with getting out to my cabin, and exploring back roads looking for small towns and old buildings, I have now taken on a new endeavor.

 In the process of doing genealogical research into family history I have fallen, gladly, into joining Find a Grave and have started finding, for people out of state, grave markers for lost relatives.

It has become an adventure to say the least.

I have so far looked up nuns and priests, and have stumbled through snow covered woods to find almost lost private cemeteries of some very early Missouri citizens.
Some dating back to revolutionary soldiers.
 Some of the old markers are almost impossible to read.

And sometimes they are so bad you just take photos of all of them and hope the person gets what they want.

The cemeteries that I went to for the nuns and priest were well taken care of and well groomed.

The last two I have been to have been old private sites that are overgrown, and probably in summer months almost unfindable.

 One must always us caution and try to get permission before venturing into the private ones. One run in with a non-understanding owner proved this all to true.
 Although the grounds at this one were mowed up to the gate. . .
inside was overgrown and almost unapproachable.

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