Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Busy week. . .

 Well our busy week started with having to measure and remove snow.

Daughters new snow measure stick recorded that five inches of snow had fallen on Wed.

 We also had our first Girl Scout Pinewood Derby ( I think they call it a Powder Puff Derby, but I just could not say that ).
Here she is painting her car.

Her first race.

Proud and on display at the end of the day.

 Sat. found us flying out to Colo. to spend a week skiing with friends in Breckenridge.

Although daughter only got on the hills one day with us last year, she was ready for a full week this time. Four solid days of skiing.

 Getting tips and pointers from our friends.
 Warming up on the gondola ride back to the bus.
 With Austrian friend 'Babsi'.
 'Babsi' striking a pose.
 Getting pointers on how to fall.
(Either that, or a bully got in her way.)
With mom on the lifts.

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