Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Disney is in the details . . . .

 Last week we had the opportunity to make another sojourn to the Magic Kingdom and Disney World, which are kinda one and the same, but not, if you know what I mean.
And since this blog has visited the site last Nov., I will not go into quite as much detail as before.
Giving only an overview of our adventure.

For the most part we had great weather. A little chilly, and one cloudy day, but over all perfect for walking around and doing rides.
 Main St. U.S.A. The first thing you see in the Magic Kingdom.
The carousel and Cinderellas Castle.
Our main goal, other than having fun, was to do rides we had not done before, get autographs we did not have and see things we hadn't seen yet.
We did all that, and then some.

We stayed at Disney's Pop Century resort. And were greeted by the below three characters.

Of course, Roger Rabbit was bigger than life.

 Here meeting the mouse himself.
 With new favorite, from Paris after all, Marie.
Here with Piglet.

 Here playing drums with Pocahontas
 Disney's desk, where he did much of his early work.
Not getting Tangled with Rapunzel.

 The entrance to the new restaurant, 'Be Our Guest'.
The ballroom where you eat was really beautiful and very grand.

The new castle up on the hill, built in forced-perspective..
 Having lunch in my Aunt Betty's kitchen.
Well, it looked like my Aunt Betty's kitchen, and hers still looks like this to this day.

The 50's cafe in Hollywood Studios.
Great food.
 Riding a new, for us, roller coaster.
It had been closed on our last visits.
 The Beasts castle.
 This time of year is the flower and Garden show at Epcot, and most of the characters were done up in topiary.
 Catching one of the big parades.

The Chimney Swipe from Mary Poppins really like my hat.
 All the wonderful detail which makes Disney World a treat even if you don't do the scary rides.

The Crystal Palace.
 Now, if you know me, or have followed this blog for a while, you know I love good animation. And one of my favorite animated movies of late is Tangled.
It had a great story and great animation. I did well at the box office and should have done better at the Oscar's.

So, to make a long story even longer, while walking in Magic Kingdom our first day, I spotted Rapunzel's tower of in the distance.
"Oh cool! Something new and it has to do with Tangled. Let's go see what it is.", I said.

"Let's go over there later, we need to get to the Little Mermaid ride.", said wife.

"But, but," said I.

"It's OK, it will be there later. We need to get over there before the lines get crazy.", said wife.
"Are you sure it will be there later?" I groaned.

"Trust me, yes." said wife.

Well I did, and it was.
So I finally drag my long suffering family over to this new site, beautifully done. Accurate in detail, colors just perfect.
And, low-and-behold,. . .  it turns out to be the newest in Disney's stable of. . . . rest-rooms.

All 'Tangled' gets is it's own rest-room at Disney World!  Wow!

I can say I have hardly ever been disappointed with Disney (except for maybe the story in the beautifully animated 'Brave', which we can talk about later if you like), but this was truly a let down.
I imagined being able to climb the stairs and see the cambers at the top, our having a brew in the 'Dirty Duck'.
But low-and-behold, I was only able to be one of the first to get to use the toilets and hand dryers.

But with that said, I still get more out of Disney World than I ever thought I would, and I don't even do the rides.

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