Monday, July 29, 2013

Movie Review - 'An Unfinished Life'

'an unfinished life' - 2005

Robert Redford
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Lopez

This movie did not fair well at the box office and probably for good reason.
There was nothing new or outstanding about it. The story, in one form or another, had been done many times before. Mostly it was a story about forgiveness and moving on, and not holding on too tightly to past hurts.

The movie was very subtle in every way.
The scenery was played down for being filmed in beautiful Canada. The farm was rather bleak looking, adding well to the atmosphere of the story.
The characters were un-kept and damaged.
With the exception of Lopez's love (lust) interest, all the individuals had lots of baggage.
Jennifer Lopez did a good job as 'Jean Gilkyson', a guilt ridden, self inflicted mother.
And of course, ever the professional, 'Bart' the bear.
Every thing about the movie was kept very low key, even what violence was involved.

But despite it's lack luster showing at the box office it did have one thing going for it; watching Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman working together. Robert Redford's  'Einar Gilkyson' was un-shaven and seemingly emotionally damaged beyond caring. Morgan Freeman's 'Mitch Bradley' was physically damaged beyond complete repair, but emotionally complete (which we have come to expect from Freeman).
Watching them together was a treat.

So, for that reason I give it

Three Bart the Bears out of Five.

Oh, yea. There were log cabins in it also.

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