Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally . . . . Produce!

After a very strange, so far, growing season, the garden has finally started to produce.
Mom picked her first tomatoes on the 13th of this month. Five weeks later than last year.

They are not going crazy yet, but at least they have started.

Cool and wet spring, and cool summer has really made for a strange season.

So far we have had six.

Hey! Where did the other two go?

Mom and daughter scouting for Okra.

And look at the pumpkin plants go to town.

Here comes the boss.

After all, it is her yard.

Threesome picking cucumbers.

We have a bumper crop of those.

And only one sad cauliflower after a whole summer of flowering.

No green beans last week.
We get a little rain, . . . and pounds of them this week.

Cornucopia of produce. Finally. We expect to be picking tomatoes in Nov.

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