Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soon to be one of my favorite art books. . . . Hal Foster, Prince of Illustrators

If you know me or this blog you will know I love good comic strip, cartoon, animation and illustrative art work.
I just received a copy of "Hal Foster, Prince of Illustrators-Father of the Adventure Strip" and just thumbing though it I have already fallen in love with it.

Recognized now mostly for his work as creator and artist for Prince Valiant, his legacy goes way beyond that.

In his youth in Canada he spent a lot of time out-of-doors and much of his early work centers around that.

While much of his later work reflects on his knowledge and love of the natural world and shows up in Prince Valiant and other works.

This represents some of his fine work while spending lots of time on long portages.

You can tell by his drawings of canoes that he spent lots of time in one.

Check out the book if you can.

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