Monday, August 26, 2013

Going to the birds - part two - Vultures in the Barn

As if an omen. . . these big buzzards were feeding on our street.

Three on the ground, a couple in the air. . . .

Although packed and loaded, our 'Operation Clean Stream' float never happened. Daughter had been sick during the night, so we had to bag it.

So I took the canoe back down to the cabin (you can see it hanging far right) and spent a couple hours cleaning up leaves and such. I want to be able to get to. . . .

. . . the old Ford tractor to see if I can get it running again.

At one time I used it to move logs around and it helped get the logs up high when working on the main building.

I discovered that I do not have just one vulture living in the barn, but two.

Dark spot, just left of center, is one of them.
The other went into hiding.

Spider by the latrine . . . . .

. . . has a cousin living by the sail boat.

But what the heck, everyone is welcome.

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