Monday, June 8, 2015

Keepin' the summer rockin'

Tuesday night swim team try-outs and practice.
And she had just come from two hours of dance practice!
 Practicing into the night.
 Wednesday first strawberry.
 Then off to Grant's Farm.
Grant's, well, farm. . . .
The old log cabin that U.S. Grant lived in.
 '. . .  where the buffalo roam . . .'
 Feeding the goats was fun. . .

 . . . feeding the birds was not.
 Finding the baby camel was fun. . . .
. . . but she was a little nervous about the big guy.
 Back to the little one and sharing her food.
Actually of the two, the horse was in a better frame of mind than the attendent.
 Grandma with lunch and free beer.

(I drink the beer.)
 Happy campers.
 Feeling enpowered!
 Oh, yea, this is where they have the horses.
 Saturday soccer team pool party.
 Sunday pool time. . .
 . . . high flying fun . . .
 . . . and Circus Flora!
 The Flying Wallendas. (We had met Tino a couple of years ago at church.)

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