Monday, October 24, 2011

Another busy weekend and Black Douglas' cousin. . . . .

 Another busy weekend for daughter, and mom and dad.
Daughters birthday is coming up, so we had a little party for her and her friends at the Magic House.
Always a fun place, but even more fun when you have friends with you.
 Before the party started Grandma and daughter played in the entrance with an air tube canon.
But ya don't always know where it is going to come out.

(Hope the video works!)

 They go in here. . .. .
The whole gang!
They made crowns, and wands and cup-cakes.
 Everybody got busy.

 Sunday after church, daughter had another party to go to, so dad got out to the cabin for a while to do some fall chores.

Lots of leafs to rake up.
 A really nice shot of the cabin.
You can see a little of the colors in the trees.
 Sun coming through the leafs.
 Patterns in nature.
As most of you know, part of the ritual of going to the cabin is to work hard and relax hard, which usually means a good beer.
And I am one for sticking with traditions.
This week I brought another Scottish beer with me.
Merlin's Ale a distant cousin to Black Douglas and Old Jock, both of which I have mentioned in this august journal earlier in the year. Those two I would gladly hunt down again, but can not say the same for Merlin.
Although a fair ale, it had very little body and did not leave me wishing I had brought two. To not judge it to harshly, I will try one more because it was a little past it's sell-by date.
Don't ya hate it when you have to repeat an experiment?

Another great weekend.

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