Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another couple of busy weeks for daughter. . . .

 The week of Sept 26 found daughter starting what must be for all kids, mandatory dance lessons.
We of course want her to try lots of different stuff so she can make lots of choices, but we are a little afraid this will lead to recitals and costumes.
But if it leads to "So you think you can dance?", it might be ok.
 Weekend of the 1st of Oct. found us going up to the farm to introduce cousins to the kittens.

The kittens were of course very happy to see three energetic kids.
 One stayed real close to mom.
 The new visitors got to enjoy dinner around Great Grandma's table.
 Checking on the kittens after dinner found them exhausted and happily asleep.
 Daughter got to climb a big tree with cousin.
Yes, cousin.
 We all made the pilgrimage to 'The Big Rock'.

I am sure it must be something extraterrestrial because there is no other rock like it anywhere around.

I think it also landed on an old Model something Ford because we found on old running board next to it, buried in the mud.

This past weekend, Oct. 9th, found us exploring a new playground.
We are real lucky in our county and towns to have some real nice parks and playgrounds. And boy have they changed from when I was a child.

This was daughters favorite, requiring many rides.
A giant swinging Frisbee.
 Neat, right?
 Even Spiderman would have loved this one.
 Plain old monkey bars just won't be the same.
 Can you believe I talked her into doing this.
 After the playground we went to a really neat car show looking for grandpa, who was a judge.

We never did find grandpa, but we did find

With child.
 And without.
 We ended this day at a cousins birthday party, making cookies, eating and playing outside till dark.

What a busy day.
Sunday's we always try to hit a farmers market after church.

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