Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I don't go for 57 years, now I have been four times - Disney once again.

This time we planned it around daughters fall break, and got to see Disney's Halloween.
First day we played at a water park, 'Blizzard Beach'.

Yeah! Mickey!

Second day Animal Kingdom.
 This year she had a friend to do a lot of things with.
Looks like the real thing.

Day three, Hollywood Studios.

 Where she really wanted these stunt drivers autographs.
And we ate at the Italian restaurant that had cupcakes as big as her head.

Fourth day, Epcot.

 Where we got to visit Mary in England and
. . . make merry in Germany.

We even made a stop in Scotland for veggie haggis (which I didn't know was possible).

Day five would be Magic Kingdom to celebrate Halloween.

Where it seems Disney was even able to pull off a foggy morning to make the castle look scary.
 Pumpkin Mickey's.
Crowd getting ready for the parade.

(The light show on the castle was fantastic)

Even got to meet her twin.

Back to the water front and Typhoon Lagoon for our next stop. . .

 Where we snorkeled with sharks and. . .
 . .  rays.
And played in the waves.

Last evening after all the water sports we ended in Downtown Disney for toy buying and an Irish Meal

Raglan Road was the place.
 Fish and Chips and a pint for me.
Along with some Irish music and dance.

Again, Disney is in the detail, and there was a great deal of that.

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