Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ketchup time. . .

 As with most of our weekends, we got to spend a lot of time outside again.

Pumpkins are doing great and are ready to harvest.
 We finally have our first watermelons.
And we didn't think the peppers survived the summer, but they to are starting to produce.
 Got out to the cabin a bit also this past weekend.

 While working hard. . .

I watched this little guy 'running' back and forth along this log.

 Starting at one end.. . .
 . . . and making a lap the whole length of the log and back.

I think he was training for 'Turbo Two'.
 Also got over to brothers and picked chestnuts.
A bumper crop this year.
Having only really picked of off one tree out of two, we already have about fifty pounds.

Life is good.

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