Monday, October 21, 2013

Treat from out West. Michael Haynes art work

Heard from Michael just before we went on vacation, so will catch up here with his latest. (in his words)

I have! Bryan was out here for a few days and we went painting. About an hour apiece. I've attached a couple and a photo Bryan took of me painting one of them.

I was recently awarded a huge contract for doing about 20-25 large paintings of Indian life along the Natchez Trace by the National Park Serv but you know where we are on that. Dead in the water. This is a multi year project that is one of the most significant bodies of work of my career. Those stupid Tea party idiots had no idea what effects their posturing has on all kind of contractors, etc… Of course they don't seem to have any legitimate ideas  regarding what the rest of us might call reality. 

Also had some of my Lewis and Clark paintings open at the Woolaroc Museum ( in Oklahoma and, closer to home, an exhibit of 8 paintings I did of the tribes native to Missouri opened at the Mercantile Library 2 weeks ago. Each painting has an associated artifact featured in the painting that is on display beside the painting. I hope to make it home to check that out before it closes.

Mike at work.

(It's gotta be hard going into work with this kind of 'office')

The works. (For my artist friends, Mike said they each took about an hour, remember.)

Mike's brother, Bryan, has had a lot of great stuff going on with his work lately, check it out here.

Bryan at work.

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