Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I love the internet. . .

Those of you who had a hard time getting me to get my first computer, . . . thank you.
I did hold out, fearing of giving my life away to computers, and I guess if you ask my wife at the right time, she may say I did.
Actually I don't get as much time on it as I would like, but I am grateful for the time I do get.
I wish I was artistically more creative on them, but I do OK. I am no johnny bling, but I do OK.

It at once makes life easier and at the same time lazier. We can find out information a lot quicker, but fail, sometimes to do the leg work to validate our research. But I will let historians worry about that.

But anyway, back to my point.
Since being on line, and especially writing blogs and doing research I have discovered wonderful things and 'met' great people.

I communicate on a regular bases with favorite artists, Hollywood stunt women and cartoonist/illustrators I really admire. I have made friends with people in Yorkshire that I hope will buy me a pint next time I go over. I have found people who have shown me photos of my family I didn't even know existed.
That one was while doing research on my dads old RAF unit.

And this trend seems to be continuing. While doing research this week on one of my uncle's war record, I communicated with the historian of his old division. The 4th and 7th royal tank corp of WWII.

And after that research I can now say I have communicated with a 'Sir'. A real person who has Sir in front of his name. Not the same kind of sir I get when I go into the International House of Pancakes. You know the kind of sir I mean; "Sir, would you like to see the senior menu?" No, not that kind.

I mean the kind like Laurence Olivier has in front of his name,Sir, but for something different. Tank related.

My uncle was in the tank corp. during the war and was captured in a battle in Tobruk and was held prisoner by the Germans for the rest of the war. I only got to meet him once or twice, so never got to know much about him. He had no kids, so I have no leads there. He didn't talk about his experience to my mom or dad, and we moved away before I got to know him. I am trying to fix that.

Well, anyway. I had a response back from the historian and he had a Sir in front of his name.
That doesn't happen to me everyday. The kind of sir that starts with a capital 'S'. You know the kid I mean.

Sir Laurence New, real person. Go here to see.  That is so cool, don't you think?
He hasn't been able to help me with information,  . . .  yet, but he did respond. How many Sirs do you know who would do that. I mean, come on, he has probably met the Queen. I think that is cool.

Isn't the Internet amazing?

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