Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold but still out of doors

 We are very lucky here in Missouri to have a wonderful Conservation Dept, and they do a fantastic job of making the out-of-doors accessible to just about every one. And every chance we get, we like to explore another area.
Well Powder Valley, where we went Sat. is one of wife's and daughter's favorite places to go.
This was my first time.
A nice big visitors area is ideal for bird-watchers, which wife is very good at.
 But first, we were greeted by a very big frog.
Inside bird viewing area is all glass, looking out over the feeding platforms.
 Lots of books and posters to help tell you what you are seeing.
We saw cardinals, blue-jays, juncos, wrens, finches and two types of woodpeckers, along with several other birds.
Feeders even have a microphone so you can hear the birds.
 Close up of a couple of woodpeckers.
 Landscaped waterfall so birds can drink.
 In the rest of the building there is lots of interactive stuff for the kids to explore.
Here daughter is in a big 'tree house' where she can learn all about the 'wildlife' we can see in our own yard.

 There's also an area where kids can put on 'wildlife' puppet shows.
Two wild critters.
 Right next to the viewing area is a wonderful fireplace that they usually have going,. . . but not today.
Boy we could have used it when we got back from our hike.
 Daughter and I did get outside for a while to explore.
Here she is checking out the creek.

We also spotted four deer on our walk.
Favorite outdoor game . . . 'Poke a stick in the water (ice)'

What a great day!

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