Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

There is not many things as satisfying on a cold day than getting a nice bunch of firewood split and stacked.

 And that is what today, Jan 2nd., was all about.
It was a very cold and windy day. Around 19 degrees when I got to the cabin, with an inside temp. of about 30.
 I spent a good number of hours cutting, splitting and stacking several wind downed trees.
Enough for the rest of the winter at the cabin and plenty I believe for home also.
 The chore was made a lot easier by a present my wife got me for Christmas this year.
The one she had gotten me several years ago had disappeared from her trunk during a rash of robberies where she works.
 Tested out the new gaskets in the stove. That had been a lot tougher project than I had expected, but all seemed to turn our fine.

Cabin temp when I arrived, around 30.
When I went home, around 52.
And of course I finished with the new beer tradition.
First one for 2012.
Billed itself as an English ale, and I have to say I enjoyed it.
Very smooth, and would take one when offered.

Happy New Year!

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