Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Expedition and pilgrimage Jan 2012

Many years ago when I first started working in OFallon there was still an old general store that still served the town. It lasted into the early 80's. I had heard about the one shown on the left, Crane's, for many years as still being an old general store. And after several tries to catch it open when I would go by, finally found it so this past Saturday. Although looking modern on the outside, it still retains it's old metal siding which probably goes back almost a hundred years. The front porch and all the concrete take very much away from the exterior appeal, but is necessary for all the traffic.  


Here is daughter going in the front door.
The inside still carries many of the things you would hope to find in an old hardware store, but you can tell it has almost become more of an old store museum than functioning hardware store.
(Maybe the locals who still use it avoid it at high tourist hours.)
In the center (not shown here) is the biggest wood burning stove I have ever seen, still heating the place with chairs around ready for a checker game.
Daughter found this old nuts and bolt holder interesting and explored many of the drawers.
The building is very crowded and full.
The old counter still displays goods.
You can get a sandwich and soda if you want.
Hanging from all the rafters are things you could have bought 50, 100 years ago, now just on display.
But, if you do need a pair of carhartt's or work boots they have hundreds of them.
Loved going in the store, and will do so again (lots to see) but most of the traffic now is tourists, and I guess that's ok.
Grandma and daughter sitting out front.
Second stop of our day was the old Union Covered bridge near Paris Mo.
A very elegant bridge, restored a couple of times.
The missing siding was to allow water to flow through during a flood in 2008.
Daughter on the west side.
Wonderful timbers inside.

 Perfect place for a warm Jan. day picnic.

As with most covered bridges, they were built next to the low water crossing and the bridges would only be used at high water or during winter when the stream was cold or frozen.
We found time to explore.
Could not believe it was Jan. 8th.
Third stop would be Shelbina.
Whenever I go to Shelbina I always like looking at this old house. The new owners are doing a great job fixing it up.
Sold for a song a few years ago.

Shelbina also means checking on the kittens.
Can't complain when your day ends like this.

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