Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adding a little bounce. . . .

We got out to the cabin for a good while last Saturday.

Spring flowers were coming up everywhere.

I had bought this trampoline back in about 1977 or 78 and had used it a lot over the years. First when still living at home, then when I got my own place.
But to be honest, it has been stored now for about 15 years. (Out of the sun of course.)
But once daughter found out daddy had a trampoline, a promise was extracted to see if it was still in good shape and usable.
We dug it out of the barn, and all helped putting it up.
Daughter swept it off with a broom.

I debated long and hard, with the bed being so old and all, about who should go first, grandma or daughter. Grandma older and brittle. Or daughter, young and flexible.
Daughter won the coin toss.

(I had the only coin so I could hardly be in the drawing of straws.)

 Once the trees all come out, there should be plenty of shade for summer jumping.

Cool break after a couple of hours bouncing.

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