Monday, April 30, 2012

MWA clinic this past weekend.

 Sat. morning started out cool, but sunny.
The gang, students and instructors, gathered early to get their groups set.
 All kinds of vehicles are used to get us and our boats and gear to the river.
 My trailer set up for hauling lots of boats around for the weekend.
 Much lighter, more modern ones are so nice.
Did I say much lighter?
 Some newer and more shiny with the latest boat lifting systems.Sort of the IPAD of racks.
The level was very low.
We called it about minus 6 inches.
We would have liked about 12 more inches at least on top of what we had.

 Aaron was a real big help this weekend, climbing out on all the rocks I asked him to, to set up safety.
The gang, minus safety boater Richard.
Style by Cory.
Style by Dan.
By Aaron.

By Pam.

A colorful group going by.

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