Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally, breakfast at Martha's and Grand-Ma's 90th!

 One of my favorite things about visiting small towns is finding local places to eat, and Martha's is about as local as you can get. We had had dinner here once before, but my real cravings go towards breakfast.
Now Martha's is never gonna get more than one star on any Michelin list, and you won't find any of her recipes on Rachael Ray's show, but if you are looking for real comfort food, you can't beat a place like Martha's
 Nothin' real fancy.
 But it sure hits the spot on a cloudy Sat. morning.

 We'll be back.

 Shelbina is a small rural town, just northeast of the middle of Missouri.
The below picture is how the town looked in about 1924. It had a very busy main street, with several cross streets also packed with business's.
 This wonderful building graced the main thoroughfare for almost a hundred years.

Unfortunately earlier this spring it suffered a fire. And although the front facade stood after the fire, it was deemed to unsafe to leave up.
The fire made all the local TV news programs for that part of Missouri.

It was a very sad loss for the town.

But at least someone in town saved a few of the stone pieces from the front of the building, and hopefully they will reuse them or place them in the towns museum.                                                                                            
The town boasts one of the many Carnegie Libraries.

Many fine old buildings still stand, but many are also in very bad disrepair.
Just a couple of years ago many of these business's were still active, but now the whole store front is closed down.
The town is still a very active in agriculture and that is probably what sustains it.
Many fine homes still in town.
But the real reason we were up here this past weekend was to go to the farm for Grandma's 90th birthday!

Spring was springing all over the place, just like Grandpa said, about a month early.
Another view of the often posted here root cellar.
Of course, going to the farm means playing outside all day with the cousins.
Yet another view.
Uncle Tim gave the kids a deer skull to take to school.
Family soon started to show up.
Cousins laying out the spread.
Party in the barn.
Sister-in-laws working in the kitchen.
Yet another view.

(I don't know what it is, but I just love this building!)
Along the fence row.
Three brothers, three hats.
More people showing up.
Grandpa, great-grandson and cat.
Wife with  grandma, making sure the birthday girl goes first.

Ok, now the rest of ya can feed.
Don't rush, plenty for all.
Farm tail-gate party for the kids.
Wife and her dad.
Cake anyone?
Startin' to drag near the end of the day.
Four generations.

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