Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carrying on Something Different. . .

It was what is the best about the web; the exchange of information for the good.
Through this simple blog I have discovered so much neat stuff about others and how we are all connected.
Just today I had a follow-up on this picture. . .

which keeps his story going.
I knew the pilots name that is in the Spitfire that dad is standing on, but know nothing about him. . . till today. 
And that is thanks to Mehdi in Belgium who helps keep a wonderful site at;  Clic Here.

The pilots name is Paul Siroux and you can find his story below;

Thanks Mehdi.


  1. Good evening, John.

    You welcome, fellow! It's a pleasure to help you. I have already sent, this morning, a link to the free researcher. His name is André Bar.

    On this site you can find a list of British groundcrews ( 350 " Belgian " Squadron ), just below the Belgians :


    Keep well.



  2. I love the 350sqn site. And go there a lot.