Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 14 July 26th - first seaside resort visit.

Today was our first trip to “the Sea-side”, as a holiday at a beach is called over here.
We chose Scarborough today as our beach of choice, and this turned out to be the best beach day we were to have for all our beach trips.

Scarborough is one of the bigger beach resorts and has a very long beach with many fine buildings and ironwork in and around town.

Although not Emelaine’s first beach experience, it was her first North Sea beach experience.
Or as my mom would ask, “Did she get to paddle in the sea?”
Yes she did.

The water was cold and we wished we had our wet suits along.
But we did get to play a lot.

Scarborough is pretty but has to many touristy type arcades and such that it would not be our favorite.
We visited a nice Italia Coffee shop for tea and coffee.
We lunched on the beach and had dinner back at our cottage

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