Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 18, July 30th. Whitby and our last day in Yorkshire.

We started off slow this morning, hanging around Staithes till late.
Daughter and mom headed to the beach, playing in the sand and throwing a ball for a couple of fun loving beach dogs.

I stayed around the cottage for a while, reading. Then walked around town and settled at the tea room for tea and scones with jam and cream. Perfect.

We headed over to Whitby around lunch time for one last day at the beach.
Whitby is an old fishing village dating back to around 600 a.d.

There is a castle in town as well as the ruins of an old abbey.

Today the heritage society was having a pirate’s day for the kids, so while I walked around the ruins, daughter and mom learned how to be pirates.

We then headed over to the beach for a while, passing these colorful changing huts that you can book for the day, giving your family a place to change and keep things while you play in the water.

It was still cool and cloudy, but daughter and I got in the water for a little while anyway.
The waves were the biggest we had yet and I wished I had had my kayak.

After playing, we changed and headed into the town itself.
At the top of the steps are an old whale rib arch and a tall statue.

Daughter found her letter ‘E’ in the compass below the statue and did a rock out version of 'E’s place in the alphabet.

We walked around town for a while and then had to decide on a fish-n-chip shop because the guide book said the best fish-n-chips are to be found in Whitby.
I think we must have chosen the wrong one, because they weren’t all that good.
We did have plenty of company of gulls as we ate along the sea side.

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