Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 15, July 27th - Filey and Robins Hoods Bay

This would turn out to be a very nice day.
I don’t mean weather-wise, unless you like a little sun, mixed with rain and clouds and cool.
Which I do.
After having breakfast at the cottage we headed to our second sea-side visit.
This time the resort town of Filey.
Much smaller than Scarborough, and not as touristy.
Before heading down to the beach area we took a stroll around town to let the weather clear up a bit (never happened).
Although the town seems very appealing at first; nice old store fronts and such, once we ventured inside they all  seemed kinda seedy and mass market touristy.
We did find a couple nice bakeries and fruit stands, but a lot of junk also.
After checking out the town we found a nice playground for daughter where she got to run off a little energy. She found plenty of kids to play with and she had a great time.

We headed down to the beach for a picnic lunch near this wooden seal.

Although there are some arcade type things at Filey, there are no where near as many or as trashy as Scarborough. Filey had a neat beach front of old buildings. . .

And signs like this one. . .

attest to when places like Filey started to become popular.
There was a deck chair rental place, but because of the weather, he was not doing much business.

On the beach was a donkey ride for the kids, which in the old days was probably pretty neat.
It seemed a little tired in this day and age (maybe the donkey was tired to).
daughter and I played in the water for a while,

but we were eventually chased off by the rain and clouds.
We still had plenty of daylight left (well, it doesn’t really get dark over there till about ten pm.),
so we headed to Robin Hoods Bay.
Robin Hoods Bay is much like Staithes in that you can not park down in town, and all roads going down are narrow and steep.

There is a picture in town of a bus or truck that got stuck between buildings trying to navigate its way down.
We parked above the town and walked down, stopping at a book store before making the sea-side.

We decided to supper at the Bay Hotel, right on the bay.

It was a very nice pub/hotel with a very pleasant atmosphere and views out over the sea.

Robin had a wonderful fish pie and I, once again settled for (yea, right, settled. . .) steak and ale pie and a pint (heaven in my book).
After dinner we walked around town,

Daughter found a couple places she wished had still been open. . .

Then we actually found an old house that our good friend Charles' aunt had once owned, and one that Charles visited when he was a boy.

Sadly the lady now owning the house did not know our Charles.
Although similar in layout and style to Staithes, but larger, Robin Hoods Bay has much more activity, stores, pubs and such going for it.
But it probably is not as dead at night.
All depends what ya like.


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