Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day twelve July 24th Heading to Yorkshire.

Our final morning on the boat.
We spent the night only a mile or so from the marina at Chirk, our final destination.
We had breakfast, and packed our gear before we motored off to turn the boat in.

We let the experts at the marina dock the boat in line with the others, and turned over the keys.

We ( I ) only broke two wine glasses (drinking accident or boating accident?) and lost (I) one boat hook. Not bad for our first time.
While Robin and I went and got our car for the next part of our trip, the rest waited at the golf club till their time to catch the train.

This was the crew from the boat.

Once we had our car we rejoined them for lunch and goodbyes.
The three of us drove from Wales all the way across England to the Yorkshire coast and the seaside village of Staithes, where we would spend the next week.

We did not have to go through any big towns today
and it was a Saturday, so we had no problems with the drive, arriving fairly early in the evening.
There is no parking in town, unless you have a permit, so we had to unload our gear at the steps, then Robin parked the car above the village and walked back down. Robin had scouted out the location of the cottage, and once she got back we carried all our gear up.

Although only a hundred yards or so off the street, it was a narrow, twisty lane up to our place.

Staithes is an old fishing village with all the homes and shops stacked on top of each other near the small beach and up the road out of town. At one time a very busy fishing village.
Now mostly cottages to let.
It has three pubs, a couple shop/post offices, a butchers,

a bakery/tea room and a couple tourist shops.

A nice restaurant, that we could never find the correct hours for and that only took reservations, most of the time, but not always.
A life boat station and one or two other businesses.
It has a little tired look to it, probably because it is mostly to let cottages and not much of a full time population any more. But it was just what we were looking for, not touristy.
We did not do much this night, but settle in and look around the town near our place.
View from front door.

View from Emelaine's room.

And again.

And from our deck.

We had dinner in one of the pubs, the Royal George.

It was a nice local, very comfortable, and busy and once again the publican took a shine to our daughter and gave her a treat. I think she will either run a pub some day or marry into one.
I had bangers and mash. Good food and beer, wish we had had time to make a return visit.
We returned to the cottage for the night.

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