Monday, September 27, 2010

Life lists - 9/26/10

We all have life lists at some point in our lives, right?

Louis L'Amour kept one of all the books (thousands) that he read.
I keep one of the rivers I have done kayaking.
Some times we keep these lists of things we have done, and some times of things we want to do.
During my process of trying to loss some weight (I did), I started cutting back on how often I have a drink of beer.
I have always considered myself a little bit of a beer snob, and with not drinking as often it allows me to be even more selective on what I drink without actually spending any more money.
So I have decided to start a new life list called the ‘Friar Tuck list’.
This is how it works; Friar Tuck’s is a mega store that offers thousands of different types of adult libations.
So what I have decided to do is make a pilgrimage through their entire beer stock (sorry, still refusing to do Anheuser-Busch), one bottle at a time and rate and review each one.
At about 600 different types of beer, doing one to two a week (my limit) I am looking at several years at my new hobby.
One good thing about this new hobby, it is not something I will always have to do alone.
I started this new list Saturday, after unloading brush out at the cabin (and I did not try any mushrooms before deciding).

The first beer I tried was called Hobgoblin by Wychwood out of Oxfordshire England.

It was called a ‘dark English ale’ and came in a one pint, point nine oz bottle.
Although this beer would not be one you would rave about, you could find yourself enjoying a few pints at the pub.
It would not especially be one you would try to hunt down again, but I would not refuse one when offered.

The second beer was from ‘Fullers’, again out of England, founded in 1845 near London.
I have liked just about everything Fullers puts out. Their beers are usually of very good quality and taste, and very smooth.
The ‘1845’ is a strong bottle conditioned beer. And although still of high standard and smooth, I was not to my taste. It wasn’t the fact that it was strong, like a porter or stout, but very, to me, strong on a chocolate taste. Some strong Belgian beers are served with chocolate, but I don’t like the taste in the beer.
I don’t know if they actually have chocolate in it, but that was the taste.

Hope you enjoy my new list and, well. . .


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